What is a stem cell?
A stem cell is the body’s master cell that can divide and differentiate into specialized cell types. They are capable of repairing tissue damage and trauma in the body.

Why are stem cell ingredients so important?
Stem cells are the body’s most important regenerative cell. In many tissues they serve as an internal repair system, dividing to replenish other cells, repairing damage and healing injuries.

What type of stem cell does Stemology use?
Stemology’s core technology uses human adult mesenchymal stem cells. However, the products only contain the healing peptide secreted from the stem cell and do not actually contain any stem cell matter or DNA. Stemology’s stem cells are gathered from medically screened, volunteer human bone marrow donors. No human or animal is harmed during the process of harvesting stem cells for use in Stemology products.

Does Stemology use embryonic stem cells?
Stemology never uses human or animal embryonic stem cells, or neo-natal male foreskin tissue stem cells, as do some other stem cell skin care products on the market. Stemology maintains the commitment to use only adult human stem cell technology in research and development. Ethical collection and use of stem cells is a foremost objective for Stemology and consumer transparency about where Stemology stem cells come from is our commitment.

Where did you get your stem cells?
The stem cells that produce our naturally derived proteins are grown in an FDA Approved laboratory environment. The stem cell cultures divide many times to produce thousands more stem cell cultures. The proteins derived from these stem cell cultures are not cellular entities and are not living. They are simply organic molecules very similar to those proteins found in the foods we eat. They have no DNA or stem cell material. The original culture of stem cells used to begin this process was isolated from bone marrow extracted from a certified donor, much the same as a blood, organ or egg donor.

Why does Stemology use plant and human stem cells together?
Human stem cell derivatives and plant stem cell derivatives impact the skin in very different ways. Taking advantage of both of these different approaches opens up greater possibilities for increased product performance.

What makes up Stemology’s Stemcore-3 technology?
There are three components in StemCore-3:

1) Growth factors, cytokinal peptides, exosomes and other “helper” proteins derived from adult human stem cells;

2) A plant stem cell extract, which provides special nutrients that stimulate the skin’s existing stem cells to increase production in aging skin; and

3) A botanical extract that improves growth factor communication within the skin, between the dermal and epidermal layers, for improved skin smoothness and wrinkle reduction.

What does the communicator ingredient in StemCore-3 do?
Scientific studies, and clinical tests, have shown that it stimulates the skin’s growth factor communication between the epidermal and the dermal layers, thus causing an increase in collagen production within the dermal layer of aging skin.

What is the different about Stemology products versus others in the market?
Stemology is the first and only brand to bring together both human and plant stem cell technologies – incorporating the superior features of each – along with a stem cell communicator to maximize the benefit of stem cell “signaling” growth factors, in all natural and intelligently organic formulations. This “best of” approach maximizes Stemology’s singular ability to help prevent and improve the number one cause of skin aging: the declining production of epidermal, collagen and elastin cells, which results in skin that is dull, thin and wrinkled, lacking both firmness and elasticity.

Does your product contain epidermal growth factor?
Yes, among many other growth factors, cytokines, and helper proteins that are harvested from our adult stem cell “mini-factories.” All of these are natural to the human body and work together to improve skin appearance. A single growth factor alone cannot have this effectiveness.

How does your product differ from the EGF products on the market?
Stemology products with StemCore-3 differ greatly from other products that are being sold with EGF (epidermal growth factor) as their active ingredient. As a part of StemCore-3, our derivatives harvested from stem cell cultures include many growth factors, cytokines and helper proteins known to work together in the rejuvenating process. A product with a single growth factor is not likely to be useful as quoted by Dr. Carl Thornfeldt in The New Ideal in Skin Health (p. 177), “Because of the multiple growth factors involved in the various cascades of inflammation, wound healing and remodeling, a solitary growth factor applied to the skin induces very little effect.”

We now know that the process of skin and collagen growth is very complex with cascading effects of a number of bio-active interrelated proteins. In addition to having these interrelated proteins harvested naturally from stem cells, StemCore-3 has two other very important ingredients that increase effectiveness even more: a metabolite harvested from plant stem cells that provides nutrients to epidermal stem cells, and a communication protein that enables growth factor communication through the various skin components.

What are some of the best skin applications for the products?
Stemology products show statistically significant improvements in all 12 facial skin aging categories including hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, skin brightness, skin softness, thin skin, rosacea, pore refinement, hydration, tone and elasticity.

Where can I see results?
Stemology’s comprehensive formulation provides short-term and long-term benefits, with users reporting improvements in as little as one day, with the most dramatic skin aging improvements culminating approximately 60 days after starting use.

Do you have any scientific or clinical data to support your claims?
Yes, BioScreen Clinical Services undertook an extensive independent clinical trial of the proprietary StemCore-3 active formulation complex that showed statistically significant improvements in all 12 facial skin aging categories. Additionally, several ingredients used in Stemology products have 3rd party clinical results that show a 47% decrease in fine line wrinkles and a 65% increase in skin softness.

Are Stemology products all natural?
Stemology products are proudly all natural, and are free of phthalates, parabens, GMOs and petrochemicals.

Are Stemology Products organic?
Stemology products are intelligently organic. In order for a product to be labeled as organic, it must be certified as such. In skincare products, it is almost impossible to be considered 100% organic because some ingredients, including water, simply cannot be organic as there is no certification. Although Stemology products are not certified organic, we do opt for organic ingredients whenever possible.

Occasionally, the color of my Serum Complete is a little different. Why?
As in nature, the color of Stemology products may vary by batch with slightly different shades, due to our products’ all-natural properties. The color variation of natural botanicals can vary from harvest to harvest, and region to region. This color variance does not affect product efficacy.

Are there any side effects of using Stemology Products?
In thousands of consumers, very few significant side effects have been seen; however, if your skin is sensitive, or you believe you may be allergic to botanicals, a patch test should be performed before product use. Apply a small amount of product onto pulse of wrist. Leave unwashed for 24 hours. If no sensitivity occurs, proceed as directed.

Can I use Stemology if i’ve had skin cancer?
Because growth factors naturally enhance cellular growth, if you’ve been diagnosed with any kind of skin cancer, we recommend consulting with your physician before applying any product containing growth factors.

Why is Stemology so expensive?
The harvesting, growing, feeding and culturing of stem cells is a very intensive and costly process. Stemology products contain numerous active ingredients that are not found in any other single product; users would need to purchase 5 or 6 similar products to get all of the active ingredients contained in Stemology products. Additionally, the StemCore-3 proprietary formulation is not available in any other product on the market. The cost of Stemology is comparable to, if not considerably less, than many well-known crèmes and products that show significantly less results. This makes Stemology products a great value.