Stemology® is the first and only skincare brand to bring together in its StemCore-3 both human adult and plant stem cell technologies, incorporating the superior features of each, along with a stem cell communicating agent to help drive ingredients deeper where your skin receives the greatest benefit.

Stemology’s proprietary StemCore-3 technology promises superior efficacy in a formulation that is ethically formulated, contains no DNA matter, and is all natural and intelligently organic whenever possible.


Stemology has created a method to produce a unique derivative of human stem cell tissue that is safely absorbed into the skin. The StemCore-3 formulation, which is the foundational ingredient in its stem cell skincare, has been developed based on 20 years of stem cell research. As one of the most scientifically-advanced companies in skincare technology, StemCore-3 uses only the derivatives secreted by adult human stem cells of certified donors and its products never contain any DNA matter.

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Stemology’s commitment to you is safe, natural products. They are dedicated to the natural origin, purity and safety of the ingredients in its products. You will not find chemical ingredients derived from petroleum, ethoxylates, formaldehyde donors, sulfates, parabens, GMOs or artificial colors in Stemology products. And all fragrances are from natural essential oils or distillates. Stemology’s product claims are backed by scientific studies that are kept on file, and any commissioned study is performed through a third party, independent source to ensure factual and fair representation.


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